Solve Interesting Problems

Nonlinear is a shared services platform to help founders and ideators solving interesting problems.


Startup Advisory- N-Courage helps founders of startups to solve interesting Problem by Efficient Accelerated Execution.


Growth- It’s time to revisit the rules of growth hacking and innovate. For Nonlinear growth, startups have to dig deep creatively, and test new ideas outside the traditional growth channels.


To install growth mindset we encourage continuous learning. We help you to make the transition faster by sharing our knowledge, market expertise, and experience in disruption.


At N-Camp we co-create solutions for interesting problems. We build things with you, collaboratively, to support and enhance the work that you do.

Why Nonlinear?

A space-shuttle has to use a certain amount of energy to escape the gravitational field and at the same time release certain weight to go further. It’s pure science, so are startups. We help you unburden to Fly Beyond The Boundaries.
  • What is Nonlinear?

    We believe in the Growth Mindset. At Nonlinear we work with founders, ideators & problem solvers to solve interesting problems. From ideation to nailing the Product/Market Fit. From linear growth to Nonlinear Growth, you can count on us.

The Team

We are a team of unlike-minded people who tinker things, ideas and products to create and break things.

Avijit Dutta
The Alchemist
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Monika Mahor
The Pixel Fairy
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Nonlinear Blog

When we’re not working on projects, we’re sharing our thoughts and experiences on our blog including industry insights and a look behind-the-scenes in Nonlinear.